Take a listen to snippets of the 21 cool tracks included on Aztec Beach

CHUM - In the Green Room (Excerpt)

CHUM - Tijuana Taco (Excerpt)
Detonators - Liquid Chaos (Excerpt)
Detonators - First Point (Excerpt)
Duo Tones - Baja Nights (Excerpt)
Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Spicy Danger (Excerpt)
Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Velvet Surf (Excerpt)
Infrareds - I.N.F.R.A.R.E.D.S (Excerpt)
Infrareds - INFRAROMP (Excerpt)
Insect Surfers - Tiger Shark (Excerpt)
Insect Surfers - Black Sea (Excerpt)
Longboard Ranch - Rincon Revel (Excerpt)
Longboard Ranch - Ghosts at the Ranch (Excerpt)
MIGs - Heavy Water (Excerpt)
MIGs - Girl From Orange County (Excerpt)
Slacktone - PCH (Excerpt)
Slacktone - Mysterioso (Excerpt)
Surf Kings - Glass Bowls (Excerpt)
Surf Kings - South Swell (Excerpt)
Surf Report - Bluff Failure (Excerpt)
Surf Report - Sandpaper Paddles (Excerpt)

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