The Official KCR Honor Roll & Jock List Hall of Fame

Whereas the following individuals claim or are purported to have been associated with  KCR College Radio and are known to the state to have created and/or caused to be transmitted innovative programming intended to supplant and render obsolete that of all other media entities and to have done so with willful intent and malice aforethought, thereby creating public nuisance and inciting widespread civil disobedience in the form of the unauthorized playing of loud music.

Therefore, be it known far and wide that all hereinunder named are forthwith identified as persons of renown whom shall hereafter be accorded public acclaim of the highest degree with all the honors and privileges appurtenant thereunto.  Furthermore, said honors are awarded in perpetuity without recension nor abridgement.

KCR Alumni - Whereabouts Unknown

Diane Albini
Laura Anderson
Maura McCoy Andrich
Renee Angley
Cyd Antang
Chris aolini
Brian Arnold
Luis Ayala
Mark Baldwin
Mike Barbat
Mike Baslo
marc Bell
Joe Belshin
Joey Benoit
Terrence Borden
Mike Boyle
Kevin Boyle
Mike Brand
Dawn Brooks
Dunning Butler
Jill chamberlain
Bruce Chong
John Chowlea
Paul Clapworthy
Ralph Clare
Bill Clare
Ken Clarke
Carolyn Connerat
Pat Conroy
Diane Corser
Marc Dana
Tedd De Long
Mark DeJarnet
John Devora
Jeff DeWitt
Karl DeWitt
Herman Diaz
Vince Dicanzio
Kiley Dobbs
Rosemary Domdom
Dave Dominguez
Pete Doughtery
Paul Downay
Brian Drummy
Jay Elias
Amy Elkins
Barry Enderwick
Allen Engebretsen
Byron Exler
Alan Faldman
Pat Faley
Bruce Ford
John Fox
Peter Franklin
Raul Fritas
Dayna Fuhrman
Wayne Garcia
Jim Garry
Maria Garza
Jen Gilbert
Allen Glasscock
Jeff Goff
Will Goff
Paul "Blair" Goldstein
Craig Gottschalk
Susi Graff
Richard Guiss
BJ Hanifin
Mike Hanson
Robert Harrington
Josh Harris
Jason Havel
Tom Hopp
Phil Hurley
Frank Iraci
Robert Jacobs
Jerry Jeff
Jeff Johnson
Mike Jury
Tony Karavantes
John Keny
Jackie Klem
Gina Kowerko
Jason Larson
Graham Ledger
Kenny Leek
Judi Leff
Jose Lepe
Jason Letke
Howard Levine
Steve Lightfoot
Bob Macgregor
Bill Madden
Ken Mahru
Pete Markall
Don Markley
Kimi Mason
Steve Mathis
Keith McGee
Bill McMullen
Sam McNeely
Dan Mulcahy
Sarah Mundt
Kevin Murphy
Jeff Muzzeti
Stephen Nicholes
Debbie O'Keefe
Bridget O'Reilly
Terry Olsen
Mike Onsurez
Janis Parducci
Tom Park
Andy Patel
Ben Patterson
Jay Pavlenko
Eric Payne
Ralph Pennell
Josh Phillips
Candy Plefrey
Chris Plese
Kathy Poltz
Virgil Porter
Joel Quirt
Ray Ramage
Jimi Richards
Jim Robbie
Alex Rodriguez
Kirk Roland
Bruce Rowe
Rich Rudy
Mark Samuels
Eddy Sayble
Kathy Schartzoff
Joe Schilling
Joe Sciotto
Brad Scolari
Perry Scott
Mike Serkin
Jeff Servente
Hank Shaw
Robert Smith
Bren Smith
Gretchen Smith
Steve Snyder
Bob Spanbauer
Glen Stachwick
Doug Stephen
Tom Stimple
Bill Stratford
Rhonda talbot
Paul Tamkin
Rick Thomas
Laurel Thomas
Dan Torre
Jerry Uniake
Sumach Valentine
Tom Vesper
Marissa Waddell
Milo Waits
Alan Walker
David Ward
Dianne Wentworth
Jerry White
Gary White
John Williams
Karen Wolford
Chris Woolf
Mike Worrall
Patty Young
Gerald Young
Dominique Young
Mark "Tosh" Baldwin
Wendy Bernier
Jeff Bersin
Terry Burke
Jim Cooper
Glenn Diamond
Jim Edmiston
Lee Elder
Julie Ford
Ted Grant
Harper Hathaway
Steve Hawkins
Susan Hemphill
Lisa Huttemeyer
Sandi Jeffe
Ron Jennings
Anthony Karavantes
Denise Kermabon
Karen Kirsch
Jim Knight
Marty Lamontagne
Tim Latta
Mitch Loran
Bill Mason
Jim McClaren
Joe Melinda
Terry O'Brien
Tom O'Neil
Dave Price
Jon Pyle
Mike Reagan
Bob "Bob-a-Louie" Ritter
Mark Samuels I
Mark Samuels II
Larry Skuce
Alan Staton
Tom "TJ" Stimple
Ernest "Nubian Prince" Trice
Eric Van Bemmel
Joe Vitale
Gary White
Jerry White
Robb Wilson
Steve Wolfe
Gail Yukawa
Ron Atlas
John Cataldo
Sue Drummet
Ursula Kroemer
Russ "Scott Tissue" Lewis
Jason Meyers
Mike Moon
Percy ???? (mid '80s)
Monique TeSelle
Russ Bauder
Bart Cameron
Jim Freeman
John Kryvoruka
Vic Mann
Sophia Possiden
Mike Sommerville
jim turner
Kip Wilson

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