Keep on Spinnin' Bucky Dent
There is nothing worse than waking up to a phone call, "I just got a call from the coroners office". That's what happened today, as I found out that the 70's alumnus and a friend to so many, Jim Creasy, died last night. 
Jim suffered from diabetes most of his life and was recently
told that his heart could give out at any time. Apparently, last night it did.  Jim, we will miss you terribly.


Jim Creasy
Jim Creasy in the KCR Carpeted Cubicle circa 1970's

Back in 1999, Jim Creasy wasn't sure how much time he had. During a trip to the west coast (he spent the last portion of his life in Kentucky), he sat down with Dave Drexler and talked about his life up to that
point. Take a listen (45 min.)
What a sad day it is. Jim was such a generous and caring person. He'd do anything for you if it was at all possible. I never heard him complain about his illness, or pretty much anything else. He always took pride in his KCR show and also tried to organize impromptu get-togethers on occasion. He substituted for people all the time and, typical of Jim, never complained. He and I worked a lot of days together on the air in the 70's and he was a real gem. He called himself "Bucky Dent", but I
always referred to him as "The Greasy Jim Creasy"; He always gave me that tired-looking smile when I used that line. I'm sure everyone who knew him learned not only something about music (and especially The Who) but how to conduct oneself as a human. I'm gonna miss that guy!
-Joe Shrin

Jim was a dear friend. Please keep me posted on any plans for memorial service, who to send condolences to, etc. Thanks.

...a friend to so many...a spirit we were fortunate to know...we will miss you terribly - Amen.

I'm sorry to hear about Jim. I'm not sure if I ever met him or not. I'm sure he would have been a great interview subject for my film.
My thoughts are with you,

I have an account on and I just posted a short piece about Jim on my blog there.
If you are interested in being part of a memorial, please let me know.  We are all spread out, but we will come up with something.

Also, I thought I'd also pass on some emails that I received. Thanks everyone. I know that Jim would have loved to know so many people cared about him.