Bruce Tokars, KCR's First Program Director Dies at 64
Bruce Tokars
Bruce Tokars
Bruce Tokars
KCR pioneer and first Program Director, Bruce Tokars, passed away at his home in San Francisco on March 28, 2013 of a heart attack.   According to his wife Alice, Bruce was relaxing before dinner on the couch when she noticed he was in distress.   She called 911 and immediately began CPR.  Paramedics worked on him for more than a half hour but were not able to restore a heartbeat.    Bruce had suffered from MS and some earlier heart problems.
    Those of you who worked in the beginning days of KCR remember Bruce very well.    Bruce took his Program Director job very seriously and I can remember some mumbling when a “DJ” saw Bruce coming down the hall, saying, “Uh Oh, here he comes….hide the records!”    Bruce’s biggest challenge was trying to get a consistent “sound” for KCR.    We had major problems with everyone “doing their own thing” and the station sounding “bubble gum” for a few hours, then “acid rock”, then who knows what.  
    After graduating from SDSU in 1970, Bruce went on to work at the California Medical Association on the abuse hotline, then was in media and communications for the California Farm Bureau from 1976 to 1979.   From 1978 to 1980 he worked at the University of California at Berkeley in communications and from 1987 to 1993 he worked in media/communications at Industrial Indemnity.   After this, Bruce became heavily involved in community and environmental concerns, working for the American Society on Aging, Comfort Zone, and set up “”.    With his background in media, he helped a number of environmental and public service groups set up hotlines and radio broadcasts.   His most recent passion was for the preservation of salmon, producing a number of documentaries and working with, with the Golden State Salmon Association, and the San Francisco Community Fishing Association.   To view his documentaries, just go to YouTube and type “Bruce Tokars” in the search window.
    All of us early pioneers will certainly miss our friend, Bruce Tokars.  He was very much a part of getting KCR started and proceeding in a direction that has brought the station to where it is today, 44 years later and still going strong.   We miss you Bruce!!!

Jim Hancock
First KCR General Manager