50 Years of KCR!??!
This is going to be the best party of all time!

KCR 50th Party - Quick Update

Hey Everyone,

Okay, here we go. It's time to get serious about this once (maybe twice) in a lifetime event. We are now accepting dinner reservations. Please note that all excess proceeds from the dinner will be used to purchase equipment for KCR.

Dinner September 21st: 
Alumni and friends: $85
Current KCR staff: $70
Current KCR management: *Free

You can make send me payments either with this link: https://paypal.me/kcr50th or sending money via Venmo to bruce.greenberg@gmail.com . I am open to other options. Just send me an email and let me know. 

We had a generous and anonymous donor who is going to pay for up to 7 KCR managers. Please talk to your GM if you wish to join us. 

Looking forward to seeing you all in September!



KCR's 50th anniversary & reunion is only 3 months away. I hope you have all saved the date. We have booked the Marriott in Mission Valley for the Saturday night party. We also have a limited number of rooms at a discounted rate, for those of you who are travelling to San Diego (or those who just don't want to drive home). Click here to make your reservation. Don't delay. We only have so many rooms at this price.

Here is some is what to expect over the anniversary weekend:

Friday, September 20th:
Informal gathering in the bar at the Marriott in Mission Valley. There is no charge. Just buy yourself a drink and have some fun.

Saturday Morning, September 21st:
Seminars for the students and alumni. This will be at Aztec Center. Student staff will be invited, alumni will be speaking. Continental Breakfast will be provided by Bryan Scott. Come by. Hang out. Get to know the youngin's. Meet up with friends for lunch. Tour the KCR studios.

Saturday Night, September 21st:
The big dinner! This will be at the Marriott. We will have representatives speaking from all of the KCR eras, hopefully a new documentary about KCR's Dark Days, good food, photo ops and so much more. If you have memorabilia to show off, start collecting it now (and let me know what you've got). Unfortunately, because we will not have live music, there probably will not be any groupies swimming in the hotel pool this time. Another email will be coming very soon with the costs for the Saturday night dinner. If you have some extra cash and want to help sponsor the dinner and lower the costs for everyone, please let me know. As always, you can respond to this email, email me at bruce.greenberg@gmail.com or post on the Alumni Facebook page. Hope to see you in September!

-Bruce Greenberg

KCR Pioneer Signs Of


Bruce Dunbar, one of the first KCR announcers in 1969-70 has passed away.   During his 30 year broadcast career Bruce worked at 9 stations in 8 markets and spent the last 15 years at KSAZ-TV in Phoenix.  This link will take you to a tribute: http://www.myfoxphoenix.com/dpp/news/local/phoenix/bruce-dunbar-obituary-6-11-2010

40th Anniversary Reunion Bash
Wow...was the most frequent comment heard during the reunion weekend.  A great turn out and good times were the highlights of the KCR 40th Anniversary Reunion Bash held the weekend of October 16-18. 

Watch this space for pictures of accounts of the attendees!

Get your limited edition KCR t-shirt from the 40th Anniversary Reunion Bash!

T-Shirts $15

Aztec Beach CD

Leslie Carney, Brett Kelly & Keith Attarian

Keep on Spinnin' Bucky Dent

There is nothing worse than waking up to a phone call, "I just got a call from the coroners office". That's what happened today, as I found out that the 70's alumnus and a friend to so many, Jim Creasy, died last night. 
Jim suffered from diabetes most of his life and was recently
told that his heart could give out at any time. Apparently, last night it did.  Jim, we will miss you terribly.


Jim Creasy
Jim Creasy in the KCR Carpeted Cubicle circa 1970's

Back in 1999, Jim Creasy wasn't sure how much time he had. During a trip to the west coast (he spent the last portion of his life in Kentucky), he sat down with Dave Drexler and talked about his life up to that
point. Take a listen (45 min.)
What a sad day it is. Jim was such a generous and caring person. He'd do anything for you if it was at all possible. I never heard him complain about his illness, or pretty much anything else. He always took pride in his KCR show and also tried to organize impromptu get-togethers on occasion. He substituted for people all the time and, typical of Jim, never complained. He and I worked a lot of days together on the air in the 70's and he was a real gem. He called himself "Bucky Dent", but I
always referred to him as "The Greasy Jim Creasy"; He always gave me that tired-looking smile when I used that line. I'm sure everyone who knew him learned not only something about music (and especially The Who) but how to conduct oneself as a human. I'm gonna miss that guy!
-Joe Shrin

Jim was a dear friend. Please keep me posted on any plans for memorial service, who to send condolences to, etc. Thanks.

...a friend to so many...a spirit we were fortunate to know...we will miss you terribly - Amen.

I'm sorry to hear about Jim. I'm not sure if I ever met him or not. I'm sure he would have been a great interview subject for my film.
My thoughts are with you,

I have an account on Tribe.net and I just posted a short piece about Jim on my blog there.
If you are interested in being part of a memorial, please let me know.  We are all spread out, but we will come up with something.

Also, I thought I'd also pass on some emails that I received. Thanks everyone. I know that Jim would have loved to know so many people cared about him.
CD Release Party Big Hit
Multitudes Attend--Mayhem Ensues
The much anticipated party celebrating release of the highly acclaimed KCR Presents: Aztec Beach CD proved to be somewhat more well-attended than had been anticipated by event promoters.  Held at the world renowned Whistlestop Bar, the party attracted uncounted numbers of revelers to the popular South Park hot spot.   "We've had huge crowds before, but I never saw anything like what's being described here" claimed club owner Sam Chammas,  himself a Famous Former KCR DJ who now operates a string of thriving entertainment establishments in Southern California.  "Usually our customers keep a lid on things, but this party grew so big they were dancing in the streets.  I haven't seen so many cops ever!"   According to a spokesperson, authorities made no arrests but were unable to keep the boisterous crowd from spilling out into the surrounding community.   "Things were fine until the band climbed onto the roof and adjusted their amplifiers to eleven" stated officials. "We received noise complaints from neighborhoods as far as seven miles away."

All told, the event brought nearly a thousand dollars to the KCR Coffers, with more on the way as sales of the surf music compilation soar.  The first pressing is expected to sell out quickly, so order yours today or be forced to wait several months for the next run to be finished.

Aztec Beach - Our first KCR Benefit CD is Now Available!
This is a full-on compilation of original surf music and is hosted by our very own Clint Beachwood of "A Day at the Beach" fame.  Order your copy now or be a total hodad for the rest of your life.  Check out some excerpts!

Aztec Beach CD - Shipped to you $18
Aztec Beach CD - Student Price $10
Aztec Beach Electronic Download - $10
Face it, we were the very model of hipness during our college radio days. The rest of the student body, be they the Greeks, the football team, the marching band, even the gays and lesbians, had their occasional moment in the spotlight, but they couldn't quite measure up to a real live KCR On-Air Personality.  Our parties were that much wilder, our membership slightly better looking, and our drama...well, it was just more dramatic.  We were it, and we knew it.

And while we may have gone on to lead successful and productive lives, perhaps achieve fame and fortune, never again will we be quite so cool as then.  Even now as our own din slowly fades, our exploits become but the stuff of myth and legend, the tunes of those youngsters who follow after us blare into the future.

Join us as we relive our misspent youth and guide our descendants toward real radio, KCR style.